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Astro Berlin

Astro-Berlin 65mm 0.75 C Tachon Lens


Astro-Berlin 150mm f1.8 C Tachar Lens w/ Focus, Large Format Copy Lens, Scanner


Astro-Berlin 125mm 2.3 C Tachar Lens Mint Condition


Astro-Berlin 150mm 1.8 C Tachar Lens Near Mint Condition


Astro-Berlin 75mm F1 C Tachonar Lens


Astro-Berlin 150mm 2.3 C Tachar Lens


Ex Astro-berlin tachonar 35mm 1:1(35/1.0) C mount 35/1.0 HK4330


EX+ Astro-berlin tachonar 1:1 35mm f/1.0 C modified to Sony E mont Nex5 Nex7 A7


Rare Astro-Berlin Tachonar 75mm f/1.0 Modified to Sony Nex A7 II Leica Noctilux


EX+ Astro Berlin Pan-Tachar 75mm f/1.8 Modified Leica M8/MP/M9/M240 75/1.8


Pan-Tachar 100mm f2.3 Astro-Berlin with focusing helicoid (M42 screw mount)


Pan-Tachar 150mm f2.3 Astro-Berlin with focusing helicoid (M42 screw mount)


Astro Berlin Pan Tachar 1.8/50 mm #1540752 Lens Contax RF mount - FREE SHIPMENT


Astro Berlin Astro-KIno 65mm f1.4 VII Leica M mount #26549


Rare PAN-TACHAR 75mm f/1.8 ASTRO BERLIN Cine lens 75/1.8 Nr.29999


Astro-Berlin Pan-Tachar 25mm F1.8 for parts


Astro Berlin C Pan Tachar 1.8/150 mm #56029 c-mount


Astro Berlin 52mm f0.95 Tachon NEX mount #16234 .......... Very Rare !!


Astro-Berlin 40mm f1.8 Pan-Tachar NEX mount #25833


Astro Berlin 35mm f1.0 Tachonar C mount #66102


Astro Gesellschaft Berlin Pan Tachar 1.8/100 mm #11894 Lens Base - FREE SHIPMENT


Astro Berlin 125mm f2.3 Pan-Tachar Hasselblad F mount #39651


Astro Berlin 40mm f2 Coated Gauss-Tachar NEX #59891


Astro Berlin 150mm f2.3 Coated Pan-Tachar #27298


Astro Berlin 60mm f3 Coated Kopier-Tachar Nikon SLR mount #58462


Astro-Berlin 50mm f1.8 Pan-Tachar Leica M mount #30136


Astro-berlin Tachonar 50mm f/1 C modified to NEX mount for SONY A7 full frame


Astro Berlin 150mm f2.3 Coated Pan-Tachar Hasselblad F mount #11581


Ex Astro-berlin 75mm f/2.3 modified to Cine Lens PL Mount w/ Caps #HK7810X


Ex+ Astro Berlin Pan Tachar 100mm f/1.8 modified to M42 mount


Astro-Berlin 28mm f1.8 Pan-Tachar NEX mount #22322